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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions for Titles Services for
Abandoned and Unclaimed Vehicles in Illinois and Wisconsin

Q: Can I get a title even if there is an existing lien holder?
A: Yes, we complete and handle all of the necessary documents and certified mailings to all parties involved. We also prepare the title application, obtain necessary legal title documents, and place all legal ads in your local newspaper, as required by law.

Q: How long does the process take?

  • Mechanics' Lien for $2000 or less average 70-80 days.
  • Mechanics' Lien for $2001 or more average 90-100 days.
  • Junk Titles: Please call 1-800-821-1319 for more information.

Please note: We will process and submit all necessary forms within the time periods mentioned above. However, due to changes at the Secretary of State's office (Illinois only), we can no longer accurately estimate the time it takes the state to review the documentation and issue the title.

Q: Why does the process take so long?
A: This is due to compliance of Illinois State Law.

Q: How soon can I start?
A: The process may begin after 30 days after no payment from the owner.

Q: If the car is from another state can I still get an Illinois or Wisconsin title?
A: Yes. We will submit a title search with the appropriate state agency.

Q: Do you help procure titles for vehicles bought on eBay?
A: No  

Q: What will I need to start the filing process?

  •  Our Power of Attorney Form signed and fully completed
  • Year, make, model, VIN#, odometer reading
  • Plate number and expiration year and month
  • A copy of your invoice and information about the owner
  • Total lien amount highlighted
    (lien amount must match your invoice total amount)
  • One business card for every car that you send
  • Deposit Check
Q: Do I have to pay any type of tax?
A: Yes, you will pay the Illinois Use Tax based on the year of the vehicle. This does not apply if you have a UDL number

2012 or newer - $390
2010 - $290
2010 - $215
2009 - $165
2008 - $115
2007 - $90
2006 - $80
2005 - $65
2004 - $50
2003 - $40
2002 or older - $25

Q: Do I need the title to sell the car?
A: No. On the sale date you are able to sell the vehicle without the new title. We (Title Services) then obtain the title in the buyer's name.

Q: Why do I need to make a Police Report?
A: If the vehicle owner or operator brought the vehicle to your place of business, or you towed the vehicle at the owners request then YES a report is needed (see Illinois law Chapter 625 of ILCS 5/4-107 Paragraph C). Fifteen Days after completion of services you are required to file a police report. If twenty days have passed without a report being filed, you are violating Illinois law resulting in the forfeit of storage fees for the vehicle involved.

Q: Do I need to file a police report for my mechanics lien?
A: No. It is NOT required by law, however, filing a police report is for your protection to make sure you are not in possession of a reported stolen vehicle.

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